Yehuda Hodges, Graduate Structural & Design Engineer

Yehuda Hodges

Graduate Structural & Design Engineer (MEng)

Education and professional background

Yehuda graduated with a masters in mechanical engineering at Queen Mary University of London.

During his time at university, he designed parts for the Formula Student team and led the engineering team. He specialised in finite element analysis, modelling composite structures for offshore wind turbines.

Yehuda recently joined Tadek where he is developing his skills and knowledge of design and structures in the offshore sector.

Yehuda’s expertise

Yehuda is a capable problem solver, which he puts to good use alongside his CAD and FEA capabilities, to prove the capability of existing solutions as well as developing new ones. He can take projects from concept through to manufacturing drawings and all the steps in between.

For his final year group project, Yehuda used finite element modelling to evaluate bulk properties of a novel composite material. Using Abaqus along with python scripting to speed up the process time, he was able to replicate the experimental results. Both results demonstrated the difficulties of using flax fibres in an offshore environment and quantified the impact of moisture expansion.

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Outside of work

Yehuda is a keen cyclist and climber. He enjoys the challenge of long distances and the puzzle of a bouldering route. He also enjoys hiking and camping, finding peace in the outdoors and endless trails.

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