Kevin Cortial, Naval Architect

Kevin Cortial

Naval Architect (MSc, CEng, MRINA)

Education and professional background

Kevin is a Chartered Naval Architect, Offshore Analysis Engineer & former Navy Officer with broad analytical and practical experience. He has over 10 years of experience supporting global projects within Marine Renewables, Oil & Gas and Marine industries.

Prior to Tadek, he performed structure and stability analysis for vessels and offshore structures as well as mooring systems and umbilical design with particular emphasis on 2nd order hydrodynamics and fatigue analysis scopes.

Kevin’s expertise

Kevin specialises in technical analysis, particularly offshore hydrodynamics, marine system dynamics, statistical analysis and data science. He has provided expertise in multiple projects within offshore installations, pipelaying, offshore A&R, structural and stability analysis.

Technical analysis is performed using Python, Orcaflex and Femap for offshore structures and marine operation modelling and analysis. Get in touch to talk to Kevin about:

Memorable project

Kevin was part of the team analysing the hydrodynamics and mooring system for the Wello Penguin, the world’s most powerful direct drive wave energy converter. Tadek developed a catenary mooring system with midline buoys to provide restoring with minimal stiffness and reduced environmental impact. Wave transfer functions for the device were derived with potential flow solvers and calibrated against tank test results.

Outside of work

When not engaged in technical analysis, Kevin likes to spend his time on the water as a skipper of sail boats and enjoying various water sports. He’s also a dab hand in the kitchen and likes to turn his hand to some DIY.

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