Gustavo Iturbe, Project Engineer

Gustavo Iturbe

Project Engineer (MSc, AMRINA)

Education and professional background

Gustavo is a Naval Architect with an MSc from the University of Southampton. Originally from Mexico, he joined Tadek in 2022 as Project Engineer, bringing his extensive experience in offshore heavy lifting, having worked for Grupo R, Mexico’s biggest offshore contractor at the time, for 5 years.

He is certified with BOSIET and ENG1 Medical.

Gustavo’s expertise

Gustavo is able to translate complex engineering into understandable procedural documents, developing documents and drawings. He has a proven history of successfully liaising with various stakeholders, from clients to providers, to ensure efficient and safe operations on site. Get in touch to talk to Gustavo about:

  • Project Engineering
  • Marine Operations
  • Structural Design
    • Marine Structure
    • Sea fastening Design
  • Heavy Lift
    • Rigging
    • Structural Checks
    • Marine Operations
  • Loadout, transport and installation of offshore structures
    • Bollard pull calculations
    • Stability assessment
    • Sea fastening
    • Deck arrangement
Outside of work

Outside of work, Gustavo spends his time enjoying a mix of pursuits. From Dungeons & Dragons, fantasy books & movies to playing guitar, bass and the drums.

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